Friday, May 24, 2013

New Android release v.75 - Major updates

Hi Pixmixers!

I am thrilled to reveal the latest and greatest of PixMix android photo app.
Now it is easier to share photos in one tap and add friends' photos into your mobile device.

Easy sharing
This version is a huge step toward simplicity and fun!

It includes

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 Lets jump into the details:

NEW design (yeahhhh!)

You probably noticed it.. can't really miss :-)
We changed the album list and album photos background, added some polish to the buttons and changed their location.
Color theme is also more bold.
We made all these changes, so it would be easier to take photos together.
Now it is clearer how to create an album, invite friends and let them add photos to one collaborative album.

New elements show off!

Additional touch is the enhanced album list. 
Remember that you can change the album layout via settings.

Album list, compact vs. enhanced layout

Improved flow
Album list is now the starting point for every action.
It will help you understand which albums you have and what you can do with them.

When clicking an album, you will see the album photos, taken by all the album participants.
You can always invite more participants to view or add photos into the album.

When clicking on a certain image, you see it in full screen, there you can also delete it.

Clear app flow

Album photos in vertical stream
Since your album can have photos from multiple people, it is important to keep a high level view.
Photos are organized in a stream view so you can scroll between them easily.
Adding photos is much more clrear now, with bigger bolder buttons.

check it out:
Album photo stream

Improved way to add photos from friends
When you are with friends in a social event such as a party or just hanging out in the park, sharing your album with them will let your friends add photos.
All photos will be synced in a stream directly between all participants, allowing you and your friends to enjoy every moment from many angles...
The improved share is very straightforward - simply tap share and choose your invitation method (sms, mail, whatsapp,.. ). That's it!

Get it now!
Enjoy life !
... With PixMix :-)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Andriod app release v.71

Hi all! :-)

I am excited to say that we have a new Android PixMix version! So let's see what is new:

In this version we focused on enhancing your usage experience and flow simplification.

This means that we now have a hint to indicate how to create album (for new users). It is now also easier to change your own email when you start using PixMix.

New Album walk-through
New Album -Add Title

In addition it is now much easier to add photos from the phone's gallery.

In the PixMix's Album gallery, the button for navigating from a picture back to the PixMix album's list is now located on the upper left side of the screen - just like you are used to from other applications.

The Settings & New Album creation are now more accessible on top in the Album's screen.

Hope you like the recent changes. We believe they make PixMix look more beautiful and even easier to use.

Enjoy life, enjoy PixMix.

Friday, May 3, 2013

New Andriod app release - v.70

Hi Android users!

We have recently released a new and improved Andriod version.

This version includes some cool features as well as code improvements which should make PixMix run smoother than ever.

What is new?
- Global settings - this allows you to control the album list layout, email address, notifications and more...
- An improved way to invite a friend to join your album.

Let's go over the new features with an easy walkthrough:

Global setting
Now it is possible to tune the application's general setting, such as your email address, notification, invitation mode and layout.

To access the global app setting's page, you need to click the email button on the album list page.
See image below for details:
Click email to enter setting

In the settings page, you can click to change PixMix preferences.
Here is how the settings page looks like:
Settings page

The Email address section is a way to change the current user email. simply click it to change.
The "Allow notification" allows you to stop receiving notification - the new photo notification and the album suggestion notification. More about these notifications can be read here
The switch to the new look will allow you to toggle between the album list in its compact mode, which might be easier for browsing between albums and the new design which is prettier and gives preview on the album's photos.
This is a sample of the album list in its compact mode:

This is a sample of the album list in its expended mode:

Album List - Advanced View

Advanced invite mode - the simple mode allow you to invite users only from your contact list. The advanced mode allows you to invite users by email/sms in addition to your contact list. Read more details about it in next section ...

Inviting friends to your albums
After your album was created, you can invite friends to that album.
The album photos will be transferred instantly to their mobile phone (yes, no more email links..! ).  In addition your friends could add their photos into that album, so their photos will be transferred into your mobile.

In the recent update we've improved the way you can share your albums.
From the album photo gallery, click the share icon (as in the image below)
Click to share

Then you can choose whether you would like to invite someone from your contacts or enter manually an email or phone number. (see image below for illustration)
Sharing options

We keep on simplifying PixMix for you and we appreciate your feedback!
Please let us know what you think via FB, our feedback form or email

Enjoy life!

Cool features fit well with notificaitons

Hi All,

In this post we will discuss some useful features which makes PixMix so much fun.
All the mentioned features has notification and can be controlled via the PixMix setting page (read here more about setting)

The features are
  • New photo notification
    Notify you whenever new photo was added to your albums by friends
  • Album suggestion notification
    Allows to import photos taken in the default camera into PixMix albums in one click

Without further delay lets take a closer look about these exciting features.

New photo notification

PixMix is about taking photos together.
This means that during a social event, instead of taking photos separately and  afterward emails photos to each other, you can take it into one collaborative album which is shared privately among the participants.
The new photo notification will notify you whenever your friends have taken new photo into that album. This is same as WhatsApp messaging system which notifies you when a new message is sent to you.
Clicking the notification will open the album with the new photo already in it.

Album suggestion notification 

As mentioned above, PixMix provides you the option to create albums for private sharing.
However, during an event, sometimes it easier to open the default camera and just taking photos.
PixMix will identify this situation and will trigger a notification with suggestion to create an album with the photos taken by the default camera.
In one click on the notification, PixMix will suggest you to either import them all into a new album or add it to existing album.
What makes this feature extra sweet is that you can tell PixMix to keep import new photos (taken in the default camera) for the rest of the event (up to 2 hours).
This will reduce the trouble of actively managing your photos. PixMix will do it for you!

So, please go out and have some fun!