Friday, May 3, 2013

Cool features fit well with notificaitons

Hi All,

In this post we will discuss some useful features which makes PixMix so much fun.
All the mentioned features has notification and can be controlled via the PixMix setting page (read here more about setting)

The features are
  • New photo notification
    Notify you whenever new photo was added to your albums by friends
  • Album suggestion notification
    Allows to import photos taken in the default camera into PixMix albums in one click

Without further delay lets take a closer look about these exciting features.

New photo notification

PixMix is about taking photos together.
This means that during a social event, instead of taking photos separately and  afterward emails photos to each other, you can take it into one collaborative album which is shared privately among the participants.
The new photo notification will notify you whenever your friends have taken new photo into that album. This is same as WhatsApp messaging system which notifies you when a new message is sent to you.
Clicking the notification will open the album with the new photo already in it.

Album suggestion notification 

As mentioned above, PixMix provides you the option to create albums for private sharing.
However, during an event, sometimes it easier to open the default camera and just taking photos.
PixMix will identify this situation and will trigger a notification with suggestion to create an album with the photos taken by the default camera.
In one click on the notification, PixMix will suggest you to either import them all into a new album or add it to existing album.
What makes this feature extra sweet is that you can tell PixMix to keep import new photos (taken in the default camera) for the rest of the event (up to 2 hours).
This will reduce the trouble of actively managing your photos. PixMix will do it for you!

So, please go out and have some fun!

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