Friday, May 3, 2013

New Andriod app release - v.70

Hi Android users!

We have recently released a new and improved Andriod version.

This version includes some cool features as well as code improvements which should make PixMix run smoother than ever.

What is new?
- Global settings - this allows you to control the album list layout, email address, notifications and more...
- An improved way to invite a friend to join your album.

Let's go over the new features with an easy walkthrough:

Global setting
Now it is possible to tune the application's general setting, such as your email address, notification, invitation mode and layout.

To access the global app setting's page, you need to click the email button on the album list page.
See image below for details:
Click email to enter setting

In the settings page, you can click to change PixMix preferences.
Here is how the settings page looks like:
Settings page

The Email address section is a way to change the current user email. simply click it to change.
The "Allow notification" allows you to stop receiving notification - the new photo notification and the album suggestion notification. More about these notifications can be read here
The switch to the new look will allow you to toggle between the album list in its compact mode, which might be easier for browsing between albums and the new design which is prettier and gives preview on the album's photos.
This is a sample of the album list in its compact mode:

This is a sample of the album list in its expended mode:

Album List - Advanced View

Advanced invite mode - the simple mode allow you to invite users only from your contact list. The advanced mode allows you to invite users by email/sms in addition to your contact list. Read more details about it in next section ...

Inviting friends to your albums
After your album was created, you can invite friends to that album.
The album photos will be transferred instantly to their mobile phone (yes, no more email links..! ).  In addition your friends could add their photos into that album, so their photos will be transferred into your mobile.

In the recent update we've improved the way you can share your albums.
From the album photo gallery, click the share icon (as in the image below)
Click to share

Then you can choose whether you would like to invite someone from your contacts or enter manually an email or phone number. (see image below for illustration)
Sharing options

We keep on simplifying PixMix for you and we appreciate your feedback!
Please let us know what you think via FB, our feedback form or email

Enjoy life!

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