Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Andriod app release v.71

Hi all! :-)

I am excited to say that we have a new Android PixMix version! So let's see what is new:

In this version we focused on enhancing your usage experience and flow simplification.

This means that we now have a hint to indicate how to create album (for new users). It is now also easier to change your own email when you start using PixMix.

New Album walk-through
New Album -Add Title

In addition it is now much easier to add photos from the phone's gallery.

In the PixMix's Album gallery, the button for navigating from a picture back to the PixMix album's list is now located on the upper left side of the screen - just like you are used to from other applications.

The Settings & New Album creation are now more accessible on top in the Album's screen.

Hope you like the recent changes. We believe they make PixMix look more beautiful and even easier to use.

Enjoy life, enjoy PixMix.


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