Friday, May 24, 2013

New Android release v.75 - Major updates

Hi Pixmixers!

I am thrilled to reveal the latest and greatest of PixMix android photo app.
Now it is easier to share photos in one tap and add friends' photos into your mobile device.

Easy sharing
This version is a huge step toward simplicity and fun!

It includes

Get it now!

 Lets jump into the details:

NEW design (yeahhhh!)

You probably noticed it.. can't really miss :-)
We changed the album list and album photos background, added some polish to the buttons and changed their location.
Color theme is also more bold.
We made all these changes, so it would be easier to take photos together.
Now it is clearer how to create an album, invite friends and let them add photos to one collaborative album.

New elements show off!

Additional touch is the enhanced album list. 
Remember that you can change the album layout via settings.

Album list, compact vs. enhanced layout

Improved flow
Album list is now the starting point for every action.
It will help you understand which albums you have and what you can do with them.

When clicking an album, you will see the album photos, taken by all the album participants.
You can always invite more participants to view or add photos into the album.

When clicking on a certain image, you see it in full screen, there you can also delete it.

Clear app flow

Album photos in vertical stream
Since your album can have photos from multiple people, it is important to keep a high level view.
Photos are organized in a stream view so you can scroll between them easily.
Adding photos is much more clrear now, with bigger bolder buttons.

check it out:
Album photo stream

Improved way to add photos from friends
When you are with friends in a social event such as a party or just hanging out in the park, sharing your album with them will let your friends add photos.
All photos will be synced in a stream directly between all participants, allowing you and your friends to enjoy every moment from many angles...
The improved share is very straightforward - simply tap share and choose your invitation method (sms, mail, whatsapp,.. ). That's it!

Get it now!
Enjoy life !
... With PixMix :-)

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