Saturday, June 29, 2013

Click, Select, Share on PixMix app

Are you missing out on your kid's kindergarten party because you have a business meeting you can't reschedule? 
Well, then there is one way by which you can be a part of the party without being physically present. All you need is an android or iPhone along with the free PixMix app downloaded on your phone and you can be part of the happiness and celebrations.

PixMix app enables you to take pictures and share them immediately with all those people who are missing out on the fun. 
Easy and private photo exchange
While there are many photo sharing applications available, PixMix is a clear winner as you can share the picture in just three steps.
Beautiful albums
 You click the picture, post it on your album and share it with your selected list of friends. 
Unlike other sharing apps, you do not have to register or log in to access the pictures. The system in PixMix is such that once you download the free app, you are automatically assigned with a link to upload and name the albums you create. 

It also has the feature in which PixMix will identify the people in the picture and suggest their names to share the album with. You will be able to transfer as many as 300 pictures with just one click.

Album photos to share
As a user of PixMix, you decide with whom the pictures should be shared with so that you can protect your privacy. 
Interestingly, once you share the private album with your friends, you are also giving them access to post pictures on your album. 
So, if you wish to exchange photos with other kids' parents, just click share the album with them.   It is that simple.

Just click on an album to share
PixMix will create an automatic backup of all the images on cloud. If you want to go to the archive and select any particular picture, you will be able to easily access it on the cloud.

If you want to view it online, you can view the pictures on a private web gallery. In fact, you can do a live slideshow presentation at the event by connecting to the web gallery.
 If any candid moments have been captured, then the live presentation will be full of laughs and fun.

Since the concept of PixMix is about sharing the images and engaging your friends and family in the moments of fun, you can easily and immediately share all the pictures in one touch. It will save you the need to email or post the pictures to your friends and family at a later date. 

Enjoy Life - with PixMix !

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