Wednesday, July 10, 2013

New iPhone release version - v18

Hi All,

We are proud to announce the release of the latest PixMix version for iPhone !

This version includes some technical improvements which should make your PixMix experience much smoother and more fun to use.
There are also some new and exciting functionalities. Let's review them:

Sharing via WhatsApp
After creating a private album, it is possible to share it with people you select.
This is done by clicking the "Share" button inside the album and selecting the way to share (email/sms/..).
We now added a new alternative to share - WhatsApp application, the popular text messaging app.
If you have WhatsApp, you probably know it is not the ideal way to share photos.
True, it is very good for one or two occasional photos, but when you have more than that, it becomes cumbersome.
With PixMix your photos are well organized and ready to share. Only post the PixMix link via WhatsApp.
As a rule of thumb - if you have up to 2 photos to share use WhatsApp, if more, then use PixMix and share the link into WhatsApp.
Send Album link to WhatsApp

Remove photos & Remove album
PixMix allows you to easily exchange photos grouped into albums with friends.
It is also easy to maintain and remove redundant photos or albums
Now there is a way to easily leave an album.
As shown in the image below (image #1), inside the album, clicking the "Edit" button (at the top) will reveal the album removal button .
One can choose whether to delete certain photos (image #2) or leave the entire album and delete all the photos from the device (image #3).
Please note: The removal only affects you. The friends that were invited to the album will still have the album on their album list.

1) Click to enable photo deletion

Click edit to enable deletion
2) Select photos to delete
Photo selected for deletion
3) You can remove entire album
Button to leave entire album

Enjoy life - with PixMix :-)

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