Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The joy of sharing pictures on PixMix

If your child is graduating from kindergarten, you would want to capture all the moments of this important day in his or her life. Alternatively, if it is a year-end party, it is celebration time with fun and games for your child. As a parent, you will take a lot of pictures of your child with his or her friends and teachers.

Now, if you want to exchange pictures with the other parents who were at the event, you can rely on the PixMix app. Just download this free to use photo-sharing application and sharing pictures becomes very easy.

Even if you know only how to turn your phone on/off, you will find that PixMix is the easiest tool for the job. After a point, you will enjoy sharing pictures on PixMix so much that you will keep taking pictures of your child in school and keep sharing them with your friends.

You can download the PixMix app for free on your Android or iPhone. 

The app is so user friendly that PixMix will identify the event and group the pictures into an album. All you have to do is click on the suggested album and name it (As seen in the image below) . For example, if it is the year-end party, you can name it 'farewell 2013.'

Interestingly, PixMix will identify the faces in the pictures and suggest the names of the friends and family members with whom you can share the album. And all this is done in just one click (As seen in the image below). 

In just three clicks, you are exchanging pictures of your tiny tots with other parents. With the first click, you create an album after the event pictures are grouped together. With the second click, PixMix will suggest the names of the suggested people to swap pictures with. And the third click is the send button.

So, select the pictures of the album and share it with the suggested list by PixMix. When your friend receives the invitation, they can also download this easy to use photo sharing application. Once they open the invited link, they can view the pictures in the album effortlessly. 

The PixMix photo sharing application will only allow people who are invited by you to access the album who are invited by you. This is to respect your privacy so that the photo album remains within your circle of friends.

The best part is that if your friends from the suggested list by PixMix want to add pictures of the social event to the album, they can do it with no trouble. At the end, you will have all the pictures of the social event coming in from your friends, just like the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place. 

Enjoy life - with PixMix :-)

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