Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PixMix vs. Facebook Shared Albums

Recently FB announced a limited distribution of a new feature for their albums - "Shared Albums".

No doubt that managing your friends and your photos is much needed.
However, when using FB one will always need to be concerned about the privacy of his photos (especially when he/she are not the album owners).
At PixMix, we see a place for both PixMix and FB. When you want self controlled albums with high integration to the photos on your mobile choose PixMix.

 This is a great opportunity to highlight some key differences between PixMix and FB shared albums.
 For your convenience, a summary table follows:
PixMix vs. FB Shared Album
PixMix vs. FB Shared Album Let's review the differences.

Login Free
Clearly the key difference between PixMix and FB. While in FB one must have a FB account (with all the privacy implications it carries), in PixMix usage is login/registration free and completely anonymous.
Soon after installing PixMix, it is ready to go. Hassle free.

While the creators of FB albums can turn off privacy, PixMix's album privacy model only allows explicitly invited people can join/see the album.

Two-Click Sharing
FB sharing is done via the FB platform invitation system.It requires login/registration, permission setting and browsing for photos in the photo stream.
PixMix automatically detects and suggests albums for private sharing.
It takes only two clicks to approve the albums to create and choose the sharing method. PixMix album invitation can be done in any social/messaging app/tool.

Album Management
Facebook is a great for sharing; however, many find it inconvenient for organizing photos. There is no native and easy integration with the mobile photo.
PixMix makes album organization easy.
It automatically detects albums and creates them in one click. Albums are saved chronologically and photos are saved on the mobile device, leaving the option to use the photos with any other application.

Cross Platform
Both FB and PixMix have native applications for iOS and Android. Both also have a HTML version for desktop users.
FB's HTML version is more advanced than PixMix HTML, which is used for viewing only.

Social Comments
FB has a more advanced system for comments and rating. For social engagement with an album, FB has better integration with users' profiles.

As there is always a tradeoff between using a generic social platform and using a dedicated tool for a specific need, we are curios to know what YOU think about managing your private and social photos.

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  1. As usual, Amazing blog. Installed PixMix, need to try out.. Might need KT from you .. :)