Friday, May 16, 2014

New Android release version v.140

Hi everyone! :-)

I’m happy to say we have another version of Android PixMix for you.
In this version, we’ve enhanced some of our collage features to make it better and easier to use.
Here’s a rundown of what you’ll find changed in the new version:

Let’s say you go to create a new collage from an existing album.
After an album is created, go to the collage screen (by clicking the "collage" icon). In the collage screen, choose your favorite collage layout pattern. Afterwards, just click the magic wand button (1) :
Wand button to instantly collage creation

Once you do that, you’ll get a collage from that album, like so:

Collage sample after clicking the magic wand button

Next, you can use the options for the collage to share your collage, set it as wallpaper, or save it in your gallery.
The bellows image denotes the available options:
1 - Collage Sharing
2 - Set Collage as wallpaper
3 - Save collage into the gallery

Collage sharing enables you to share the collage to any of your favorite social media and also email.
Saving the collage into the gallery will save the collage into a folder named  "collages" so once the gallery will be opened, seek the "collages" folder and you would see all the saved collages. Naturally, via the gallery you can perform all the actions available on images such as share, setting as wallpaper and more..

Finally, we’ve added additional collage patterns, so you can mix things up a bit. Here’s one of our new collage patterns:

Collage pattern sample

I hope you enjoy the changes, and find that they make PixMix even more useful and easy to use.

Thanks for downloading and supporting PixMix!